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Summary of the Issues

To help people prepare for their committee presentations, we’ve created a document that summarizes the six major issues with Bill 36 that have been identified by our coalition. For each issue we give some background, explain why the issue matters, and offer some suggestions for what you might want to say to committee. Download the PDF!

Protect the PUB Webinar

On June 29, the Protect the PUB Coalition hosted a webinar with Byron Williams, Director of the Public Interest Law Centre. Byron gave us a brief history of the Public Utilities Board, explained the political consensus that had developed around it, and how Bill 36 harms the independence of the rate-setting process.

Summary of Changes

At our initial meeting on April 7, 2022, coalition member Alex Buchner presented a summary of the changes that Bill 36 makes based on his analysis. This document presents that summary of changes and was updated based on feedback from other coalition members present at that meeting.

Bill 36 Summary of Changes (2768 words)

Amended Legislation

Bills that contain a lot of amendments to existing legislation are difficult to read. They contain a lot of section references that need to be looked up separately and then cross-referenced with the changes proposed in the Bill.

To make learning about this bill a little easier, coalition member Alex Buchner created amended versions of The Manitoba Hydro Act and The Public Utilities Board Act using the track changes function in Microsoft Word. This makes it a little easier to see what this legislation actually does. If you want to dive in deep, you may find these documents helpful.

The Manitoba Hydro Act (Amended)

The Public Utilities Board Act (Amended)